I have combined my 30 years of  acquired skills and experiences to be the consultant and coach I am today and still learn something new every day. img_1992

    • 20 years in IT working with pharmaceutical, corporate and small business clients.
    • Almost two decades of managing teams and individuals both virtual and in person.
    • Public Speaking and Training
    • Stand Up Comedy
    • Improv and Motivation Speaking
    • Producer and Director

    As different as they may seem they are all about Communication! Add my Organizational skills, and I can do amazing things for you. Let’s discuss your needs.

    I decided to leave my old corporate career as an Art Director and Department Manager to do what made him happy Helping others with his Humor and insight.   His ultimate goal was to make the corporate life for others better and more enjoyable. He is now working as a Keynote Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Team Builder and Coach. Using his life experience with Dyslexia and 20 years of Corporate Culture and with the use of humor and improv, he will help make stronger teams and smarter leaders.

    Leadership and Personal Development are my specialties; I train groups and individuals all about goal setting, mindsets, and ethics. 
    Drexel University:
    Creative  Leadership and problem solving (Masters Program)

    I use techniques from acting and articulation to teach presentation skills as well as confidence in social interaction. I studied in Acting, Speach, Body Language Presentation Presentation skill. Below lists some of my accomplishment and training.

    Produced and Directed live performances, managed groups of talent and hosted live events all over the country.  I am currently traveling all over the country teaching presentation skill to the employees of over 300 Franchise Studios.

    Drexel University:
    Professional Presentations with Erik Herr (News Caster)
    Acting Fundamentals with Gerre Garrett
    Speech and Articulation
    Improv for Actors with Bobbi Block
    Public Relations and Media

    Specialized Training:
    Acting for Animation
    The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Worked with body language and movement.

    Comedy is one of my gifts that I use to deliver information to corporate events as well as in my one on one interactions where humor makes the information memorable and there for useful.

    Stand Up Comedy
    Trained with Judy Carter, the Author of the Comedy Bible
    Most of my style mimics Judy’s style of joke writing and theory.
    Studied with Jerry Corley on delivery and comedy styles

    Improv: I use improv games in my Corporate breakout sessions as well as games to strength teams. Below lists some of my accomplishment and training.

    Founding Member of Iron Lung Improv Troupe
    Creator of “The Comedian Deconstruction” an award-winning and internationally recognized improv format.

    Philadelphia Improv Theater:
    Studied 101 with Mike Marbach
    Studied 201 with Amie Roe
    Studied 301 with Mike Marbach
    Studied 401 with Nate Edmondson
    Susan Messing Improv Master Class
    Fun Easy Improv in 3 Simple Steps with Matt Holmes
    Advanced Improv the UCB Way Workshop

    Magnet Theater:
    Improv Level One: Rick Andrews
    Coaching/Teaching Improv: Student: Armando Diaz
    Storytelling: Adam Wade

    Level 101 Advanced Improv with David Dritsas
    Level 201 Advanced Improv with David Dritsas
    Level 301 Advanced Improv with David Dritsas

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