Communication is Key, whether it be your initially contacting to find out more about my services or if coaching is even right for you, or staying in touch during our arrangments. Feel free to contact me. I would love to set up our initial conversation. It’s free we are just chatting…

    I travel a lot but always make sure to scheduled accordingly.  There are days I may be in airplane mode for 4 to 6 hrs. So email is a great start.

    I tend to like to cut out endless emails and talk almost immediately (When Possible) . It lets both of us know how our chemistry fits and lets us move thru the process faster. It makes it possible to give my current clients full attention if I limit any intake appointments
    Phone 267-978-3391

    I have 3 options for coaching sessions.
    In-person, Phone or Skype for my out of state and international clients. I find skype sessions to be more beneficial than Phone because there is more in communication other than Verbal.
    Skype: Jess.carpenter38 

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